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buildings - administrative división121 Relations
companies - administrative division Headquarters374 Relations
stadiums - administrative división82 Relations
hospitals - administrative división51 Relations
lighthouses - administrative división11 Relations
stations - administrative división103 Relations
airports - administrative división location122 Relations
cities - administrative division555 Relations
universities - administrative división73 Relations
meteorites - administrative division1 Relations
conflicts - administrative división14 Relations
drafts - administrative división1 Relations
golf clubs - administrative división203 Relations
hotels - administrative división9 Relations
labels - administrative division Headquarters25 Relations
libraries - administrative división17 Relations
magazines - administrative division Headquarters2 Relations
museums - administrative división37 Relations
streets - administrative división7 Relations
banks - administrative division Headquarters2 Relations
people - administrative division of death860 Relations
people - administrative division of birth2,536 Relations
airlines - administrative division Headquarters5 Relations
airports - administrative division47 Relations
breweries - administrative division Headquarters2 Relations
bridges - administrative división67 Relations
caves - administrative división1 Relations
cemeteries - administrative división11 Relations
malls - administrative división23 Relations
military constructions - administrative división2 Relations
military units - administrative division Headquarters3 Relations
monuments - administrative división8 Relations
casinos - administrative division3 Relations
networks - administrative division Headquarters1 Relations
newspapers - administrative division Headquarters17 Relations
observatories - administrative división5 Relations
Orchestras - administrative division Headquarters4 Relations
organizations - administrative division Headquarters40 Relations
foundations - administrative división1 Relations
restaurants - administrative división11,392 Relations
capes - administrative división1 Relations
pipelines - end administrative division1 Relations
political parties - administrative division Headquarters3 Relations
heritage sites - administrative división902 Relations
ports - administrative división4 Relations
public bodies - administrative division Headquarters38 Relations
publishers - administrative division Headquarters17 Relations
race courses - administrative división5 Relations
vivariums - administrative división6 Relations
amusement parks - administrative división2 Relations
schools - administrative división268 Relations
wineries - administrative division Headquarters7 Relations
dams - administrative división13 Relations
tunnels - administrative división1 Relations
earthquakes - administrative división1 Relations
temples - administrative división15 Relations
theatres - administrative división15 Relations
power stations - administrative división2 Relations
teams - administrative división18 Relations
prisons - administrative división1 Relations
beaches - administrative división38 Relations
waterfalls - administrative división25 Relations
fires - place5 Relations
flags - place1 Relations
roads - place9 Relations
legislatures - jurisdiction3 Relations