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General information
Area (m²)10,180,000,481,280
Population (people)742,451,968
CountryAlbania, Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Vatican City
scientific bases - continent27 Relations
conflicts - continent3,679 Relations
people - continent of death136,402 Relations
people - continent of birth560,774 Relations
water rides - continent7 Relations
vivariums - continent424 Relations
schools - continent4,442 Relations
reserves - continent20 Relations
recurring events apparitions - continent1,271 Relations
military constructions - continent7,680 Relations
caves - continent428 Relations
space agencies - continent Headquarters53 Relations
televisions - continent Headquarters2,664 Relations
televisions - continent4,950 Relations
stock indexes - continent26 Relations
tombs - continent1 Relations
ballet companies - continent3 Relations
waters - continent of origin6 Relations
matches - continent460 Relations
banknotes - continent7 Relations
coins - continent1 Relations
foundations - continent81 Relations
temples - continent24,286 Relations
brands - continent293 Relations
manuscripts - continent163 Relations
ports - continent495 Relations
waterfalls - continent46 Relations
peninsulas - continent37 Relations
prepared foods - continent of origin3,634 Relations
companies - continent Headquarters33,891 Relations
pyramids - continent1 Relations
recurring events editions - continent1,566 Relations
launchpads - continent10 Relations
hospitals - continent1,202 Relations
sculptures - continent102 Relations
livery companies - continent Headquarters22 Relations
micronations - continent3 Relations
theatres - continent2,527 Relations
casinos - continent28 Relations
religious organizations - continent Headquarters28 Relations
estuaries - continent69 Relations
castles - continent9,943 Relations
magazines - continent8,482 Relations
magazines - continent Headquarters1,060 Relations
missiles - continent of origin147 Relations
archipelagos - continent97 Relations
radios - continent506 Relations
radios - continent Headquarters366 Relations
trade unions - continent Headquarters184 Relations
trade unions - continent184 Relations
malls - continent783 Relations
organizations - continent Headquarters3,570 Relations
olives - continent51 Relations
cheeses - continent of origin2,684 Relations
earthquakes - continent24 Relations
libraries - continent944 Relations
race courses - continent421 Relations
bombs - continent141 Relations
heritage sites - continent1,867 Relations
opera companies - continent Headquarters7 Relations
military units - continent13,575 Relations
military units - continent Headquarters3,526 Relations
mines - continent380 Relations
armed organizacions - continent of origin33 Relations
armed organizacions - continent Headquarters15 Relations
dams - continent647 Relations
huts - continent562 Relations
stadiums - continent5,897 Relations
public bodies - continent Headquarters3,968 Relations
canals - continent271 Relations
labels - continent Headquarters1,018 Relations
labels - continent1,537 Relations
recurring events - continent2,853 Relations
hotels - continent820 Relations
mythological beeings - continent197 Relations
anthems - continent114 Relations
awards - continent16 Relations
religions - continent61 Relations
distilleries - continent487 Relations
distilleries - continent Headquarters104 Relations
cities - continent223,081 Relations
amusement parks - continent208 Relations
concentration camps - continent185 Relations
banks - continent Headquarters854 Relations
sports - continent of origin162 Relations
wine regions - continent926 Relations
power stations - continent716 Relations
capes - continent189 Relations
breweries - continent Headquarters384 Relations
automobiles - continent of origin1,358 Relations
militant organizations - continent181 Relations
airlines - continent1,191 Relations
airlines - continent Headquarters1,165 Relations
paintings - continent2,108 Relations
public art works - continent1 Relations
monuments - continent3,706 Relations
drafts - continent5 Relations
currencies - continent93 Relations
computer virus - continent of origin14 Relations
computer virus - continent of isolation3 Relations
mountain ranges - continent962 Relations
national militaries - continent Headquarters222 Relations
treaties - continent1,168 Relations
animals names - continent795 Relations
bays - continent138 Relations
museums - continent7,966 Relations
cemeteries - continent1,616 Relations
universities - continent4,646 Relations
tunnels - continent840 Relations
marshes - continent1 Relations
themed Areas - continent15 Relations
weapons - continent2,139 Relations
ethnic groups - continent of origin437 Relations
Orchestras - continent203 Relations
Orchestras - continent Headquarters284 Relations
mills - continent1,897 Relations
spirits - continent of origin979 Relations
studios - continent Headquarters35 Relations
stations - continent29,007 Relations
publishers - continent1,207 Relations
publishers - continent Headquarters1,762 Relations
roller coasters - continent161 Relations
canyons - continent1 Relations
recurring event members - continent78 Relations
buildings - continent13,920 Relations
monasteries - continent1,342 Relations
stocks exchanges - continent23 Relations
stocks exchanges - continent Headquarters113 Relations
wines - continent4,676 Relations
soft drinks - continent of origin104 Relations
newspapers - continent1,149 Relations
newspapers - continent Headquarters958 Relations
sport organizations - continent812 Relations
sport organizations - continent Headquarters1,288 Relations
bridges - continent4,357 Relations
water parks - continent23 Relations
spacecrafts - continent103 Relations
airports - continent1,671 Relations
airports - continent location2,932 Relations
streets - continent2,136 Relations
choirs - continent241 Relations
given names - continent of origin820 Relations
ski stations - continent418 Relations
pipelines - end locality division160 Relations
pipelines - start locality division115 Relations
observatories - continent314 Relations
Seas - continent58 Relations
wineries - continent Headquarters122 Relations
wineries - continent1,220 Relations
teams - continent13,882 Relations
meteorites - continent381 Relations
former countries - continent448 Relations
prisons - continent545 Relations
oil fields - continent12 Relations
deities - continent9 Relations
networks - continent Headquarters112 Relations
networks - continent289 Relations
political parties - continent3,173 Relations
political parties - continent Headquarters3,171 Relations
space flights - continent94 Relations
lighthouses - continent923 Relations
countries - continent41 Relations
administrative divisions - continent928 Relations
golf clubs - continent6,912 Relations
countries - Main continent46 Relations
legislatures - continent93 Relations
ghettos - continent6 Relations
beaches - continent6,777 Relations
restaurants - continent319,368 Relations
weapons - place of origin2 Relations
religions - place5 Relations
storms - place39 Relations
televisions - place462 Relations
epidemics - place8 Relations
flags - place1 Relations
brands - place39 Relations
companies - place1,054 Relations
cyclones - place25 Relations
militant organizations - place22 Relations
organizations - place136 Relations
card games - place of origin1 Relations