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General information
Long nameRussian Federation
Population (people)142,905,200
Population (source)census
Constitutional form
Drives on
Head of state authority
Main continent
Number of airports1,218
Airports - with paved runways593
Airports - with unpaved runways625
Area (m²)17,124,443
Birth rate (births/1,000 population)11
Calling code
Children under the age of 5 years underweight (%)
Current Account Balance (US$)101,300,002,816
Death rate (deaths/1,000 population)16
Debt - external (Billion US$)519
Economic aid donor (Billion $)
Electricity consumption (billion kWh)858
Electricity consumption per capita (kWh per person)6,017
Electricity exports (million kWh)17,700
Electricity imports (million kWh)14,630
Electricity production (billion kWh)926
Exports (Billion $)521
GDP - per capita (PPP) (US$)17,000
GDP (purchasing power parity) (Billion $)2,414
GDP real growth rate (%)4
Gross national income (US$)42
Human Development Index1
Health expenditures (% of GDP)5
HIV AIDS adult prevalence rate (%)1
HIV AIDS deaths
HIV AIDS people living with HIV AIDS980,000
Hospital bed density (beds/1,000 population)10
Capital city
Imports (Billion $)323
Industrial production growth rate (%)5
Infant mortality rate (deaths/1,000 live births)10
Inflation rate consumer prices (%)8
Internet hosts13,758,000
Internet tld.ru
Internet users40,853,000
Investment (gross fixed) (%)21
Iso 3166 codeRU
Labor force75,410,000
Life expectancy at birth (years)66
Literacy (%)100
Manpower available for military service34,132,156
Manpower fit for military service20,431,036
Manpower reaching militarily age annually693,843
Is democracyYes
Market value of publicly traded shares (US$)796,400,025,600
Maternal mortality rate (deaths/100,000 live births)34
Merchant marine1,130
Military expenditures percent of GDP4
Natural gas consumption (cubic meters)414,099,996,672
Natural gas consumption per capita (cubic meters per person)2,906
Natural gas exports (cubic meters)199,900,004,352
Natural gas imports (cubic meters)38,200,000,512
Natural gas production (cubic meters)588,900,007,936
Natural gas proved reserves (cubic meters)44,799,998,558,208
Net migration rate (migrant/1,000 population)0
Obesity adult prevalence rate (%)
Oil consumption (bbl/day)2,199,000
Oil consumption per capita (bbl/day per 1000 people)15
Oil exports (bbl/day)5,010,000
Oil imports (bbl/day)42,750
Oil production (bbl/day)10,270,000
Oil proved reserves (bbl)60,000,002,048
Physicians density (physicians/1,000 population)4
Population below poverty line (%)13
Population census (people)142,905,200
Population density (Number of people per square kilometer)8
Population estimate (people)143,975,920 (2015)
Population growth rate (%)0
Public debt (% of GDP)8
Railways (km)87,157
Reserves of foreign exchange and gold (US$)498,599,985,152
Roadways (km)982,000
Stock of direct foreign investment abroad (US$)409,099,993,088
Stock of direct foreign investment at home (US$)542,899,994,624
Telephones main lines in use44,959,000
Telephones main lines in use per capita32
Telephones mobile cellular238,000,000
Telephones mobile cellular per capita170
Total fertility rate (children born/woman)2
Unemployment rate (%)7
Unemployment, youth ages 15-24 (%)18
Waterways (km)102,000
ValleyBaydar Valley, Chuya Steppe, Karmadon-Schlucht, Oka–Don Lowland, Pasvikdalen, Trusso-Schlucht, Valle di Majma, Valley of Ghosts (Crimea)
CanyonCañón de Ajshtyr, Cañón de Plastunka, Garganta de Ajtsú, Garganta de Navalíshchina
Artillery107 mm gun M1910, 152 mm howitzer 2A65 Msta-B, 203 mm armata forteczna wz. 1877, 75 mm Schneider-Danglis 06/09, 76 mm krótka armata wz. 1913
CraterAkademia Nauk (volcano), Lake Elgygytgyn, Sobolev crater, Uzon
ReligionCatholic Church
BorderAbkhazia–Russia border, Azerbaijan–Russia border, Belarus–Russia border, China–Russia border, Estonia–Russia border, Finland–Russia border, Georgia–Russia border, Kazakhstan–Russia border, Latvia–Russia border, Lithuania–Russia border, Mongolia–Russia border, North Korea–Russia border, Norway–Russia border, Poland–Russia border, Russia–Ukraine border
PlateauCentral Russian Upland, Central Siberian Plateau, Putorana Plateau, Turgay Plateau, Valdai Hills, Volga Upland
scientific bases - Country6 Relations
conflicts - Country136 Relations
vivariums - Country3 Relations
military vehicles - Country20 Relations
schools - Country19 Relations
reserves - Country2 Relations
recurring events apparitions - Country29 Relations
military constructions - Country29 Relations
caves - Country2 Relations
space agencies - country Headquarters1 Relations
televisions - country Headquarters3 Relations
televisions - Country59 Relations
stock indexes - Country1 Relations
ballet companies - Country1 Relations
championships editions - Country1 Relations
matches - Country9 Relations
temples - Country317 Relations
brands - Country8 Relations
manuscripts - Country12 Relations
ports - Country16 Relations
waterfalls - Country1 Relations
prepared foods - country of origin44 Relations
companies - country Headquarters783 Relations
companies - country of origin21 Relations
trains - Country9 Relations
recurring events editions - Country57 Relations
launchpads - Country7 Relations
hospitals - Country8 Relations
theatres - Country44 Relations
castles - Country49 Relations
magazines - Country175 Relations
magazines - country Headquarters37 Relations
missiles - country of origin43 Relations
radios - Country8 Relations
radios - country Headquarters1 Relations
trade unions - Country2 Relations
malls - Country4 Relations
organizations - country Headquarters55 Relations
cheeses - country of origin5 Relations
libraries - Country14 Relations
race courses - Country6 Relations
bombs - Country16 Relations
heritage sites - Country32 Relations
military units - Country281 Relations
military units - country Headquarters197 Relations
mines - Country16 Relations
armed organizacions - country of origin2 Relations
ships career - Country174 Relations
dams - Country26 Relations
stadiums - Country165 Relations
public bodies - country Headquarters345 Relations
canals - Country7 Relations
labels - Country13 Relations
labels - country Headquarters8 Relations
recurring events - Country32 Relations
hotels - country15 Relations
mythological beeings - Country2 Relations
anthems - Country12 Relations
distilleries - Country3 Relations
cities - Country26,686 Relations
amusement parks - country4 Relations
concentration camps - Country2 Relations
banks - Central bank of1 Relations
banks - country Headquarters24 Relations
straits - Country30 Relations
sports - country of origin4 Relations
power stations - Country32 Relations
breweries - country Headquarters1 Relations
automobiles - country of origin60 Relations
militant organizations - Country9 Relations
airlines - Country177 Relations
airlines - country Headquarters188 Relations
paintings - Country85 Relations
monuments - Country70 Relations
drafts - country4 Relations
currencies - Country1 Relations
computer virus - country of origin4 Relations
national militaries - country Headquarters6 Relations
treaties - Country28 Relations
museums - Country111 Relations
cemeteries - Country19 Relations
universities - Country289 Relations
tunnels - Country6 Relations
themed Areas - Country1 Relations
weapons - Country202 Relations
ethnic groups - country of origin30 Relations
Orchestras - Country2 Relations
Orchestras - country Headquarters2 Relations
spirits - country of origin10 Relations
studios - country Headquarters2 Relations
stations - Country440 Relations
publishers - Country15 Relations
publishers - country Headquarters17 Relations
roller coasters - Country1 Relations
recurring event members - Country6 Relations
buildings - Country141 Relations
monasteries - Country57 Relations
stocks exchanges - Country5 Relations
stocks exchanges - country Headquarters5 Relations
newspapers - Country34 Relations
newspapers - country Headquarters53 Relations
sport organizations - Country13 Relations
sport organizations - country Headquarters23 Relations
videogames - Country121 Relations
bridges - Country78 Relations
water parks - Country1 Relations
spacecrafts - Country44 Relations
airports - country215 Relations
airports - country location281 Relations
streets - country18 Relations
airplanes - Country94 Relations
choirs - Country1 Relations
given names - country of origin14 Relations
ski stations - Country1 Relations
pipelines - start locality country9 Relations
pipelines - end locality country10 Relations
observatories - Country3 Relations
teams - Country386 Relations
meteorites - Country48 Relations
former countries - Country9 Relations
prisons - Country3 Relations
oil fields - Country1 Relations
deities - Country1 Relations
networks - Country3 Relations
networks - country Headquarters1 Relations
political parties - Country97 Relations
political parties - country Headquarters97 Relations
space flights - Country71 Relations
lighthouses - Country2 Relations
archipelagos - Country41 Relations
artillery - Country5 Relations
bays - Country304 Relations
borders - Country15 Relations
canyons - Country6 Relations
capes - Country78 Relations
continents - Country1 Relations
languages - Country1 Relations
religions - Country1 Relations
craters - Country4 Relations
deserts - Country4 Relations
administrative divisions - Country85 Relations
estuaries - Country18 Relations
forests - Country3 Relations
former countries - Country96 Relations
glaciers - Country10 Relations
islands - Country678 Relations
lakes - Country432 Relations
mountains - Country409 Relations
mountain passes - Country8 Relations
mountain ranges - Country120 Relations
peninsulas - Country21 Relations
pipelines - Country101 Relations
plateaus - Country6 Relations
protected Areas - Country288 Relations
rivers - Country9,909 Relations
roads - Country97 Relations
Seas - Country73 Relations
ships classes - Country10 Relations
straits - Country27 Relations
valleys - Country8 Relations
golf clubs - Country7 Relations
waterfalls - Country12 Relations
legislatures - Country6 Relations
beaches - Country5 Relations
heritage designations - Country2 Relations
restaurants - Country27,878 Relations
amusement parks - location4 Relations
artillery - place of origin1 Relations
brands - place17 Relations
companies - place207 Relations
cyclones - place19 Relations
earthquakes - place13 Relations
eruptions - place1 Relations
fires - place15 Relations
floods - place5 Relations
militant organizations - place5 Relations
organizations - place13 Relations
beers - place of origin1 Relations
card games - place of origin2 Relations
chess openings - place of origin1 Relations
choirs - place of origin1 Relations
weapons - place of origin150 Relations
flags - place2 Relations
religions - place5 Relations
roads - place109 Relations
storms - place35 Relations
televisions - place118 Relations
tornados - place1 Relations
legislatures - jurisdiction3 Relations
epidemics - place3 Relations
literary works - Narrative location1 Relations
rivers - origin location1 Relations
helicopters - user1 Relations
buildings - entity5 Relations
games - entity4 Relations
helicopters - entity4 Relations
launchpads - entity5 Relations
magazines - entity16 Relations
military vehicles - entity8 Relations
missiles - entity52 Relations
ports - entity3 Relations
airports - entity31 Relations
animals names - entity1 Relations
artillery - entity4 Relations
asteroids - entity3 Relations
automobiles - entity3 Relations
satellites - entity36 Relations
ships career - entity377 Relations
ships classes - entity15 Relations
space agencies - entity2 Relations
space flights - entity87 Relations
stations - entity1 Relations
teams Seasson - entity48 Relations
trains - entity2 Relations
treaties - entity42 Relations
videogames - entity22 Relations
weapons - entity303 Relations
vivariums - entity1 Relations
armed organizacions - entity35 Relations
people - nationality11,298 Relations
people - country of birth21,182 Relations
people - country of death5,621 Relations