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Air accidents in history

Each year, more than 30 million commercial flights and millions of flights without passengers take flight. In total, the number of passengers traveling using this means of transport is close to 3,500 million. In spite of the magnitude of these data, plane crashes are barely occurring.
That's what the numbers reveal, indicating that out of every ten million air passengers barely die 3. Data that contrasts with land accidents, since that out of every ten million passengers that move from one point to another overland, 12,410 do not reach their destination.
It is no less true that, even if it is the safest way to travel, when a problem occurs serious, the consequences are fatal. And it is that the fact of being floating and of not existing just a few places in which to land in case of emergency, turns many aircraft problems into fatal accidents. Just take a look at the 5 accidents with more fatalities in the history of aviation to verify the seriousness of these accidents, as we will see below.

Air accidents with more deaths

The biggest accident ever produced in aviation Commercial took place in Spain. Specifically at the Tenerife North airport in 1977, where two planes full of passengers collided on the runway, resulting in 583 passengers.
The second largest accident in the history of aviation took place on Mount Takamagahara in Japan, where a Japan Airlines Show all -