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Until that perfect balance between water, hops and malted barley is achieved, the beer must face different processes such as malting, grinding, maceration, cooking, hopping, fermentation, ripening and bottling.
Steps that, although they can be more or less automated, must be executed by a brewer in a brewery with all the necessary elements to make the most of each production.
While each brewery works in a different way, thus providing its differential touch, most of them carry out the following steps carefully:

How beer is made

Maltaje: In this first stage the grain is transformed into maltose. To achieve this, the barley is subjected to an increase in temperature until the seeds germinate. A process that dilates for about seven days. Moment in which the germination stops to start the drying and cooling process before the second phase begins. Depending on the degree of roasting, lighter or darker malts will be achieved, which will define the color of the concoction.
Grinding and mashing: In this second phase the cereals are ground and mixed with water in search of the extraction of sugar from the grain until a kind of sweet must is achieved. At this point it is essential to control both the temperature at which the water rises, and the time we use for maceration.
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StockExchangenamexxxxxxxximagexxxxxxxxlegal formISINdate foundedcity Headquartersadministrative division Headquarterscountry Headquarterscontinent HeadquartersProduction
Koningshoeven Abbey1891Website
Backus and Johnston Brewery1879Website
Brasserie à vapeurWebsite
Brouwerij Donum IgnisWebsite
Val-Dieu (Brauerei)Website
John Martin BreweryWebsite
Brouwerij BoelensWebsite
Brasserie CnuddeWebsite
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