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nameappearancetypePrecipitationheight (from)
height (to)
Altostratus cloudSheet or layer, can usually see the sun through itStratusYes2,4006,1002400-6100B
Cirrocumulus cloudSmall, high, patched clouds, in rowsCirrusYes6,0006,0006000A
Cirrocumulus floccussmall tuftsCirrusYes6,0006,0006000A
Cirrus floccussmall tuftsCirrusYes5,0005,0005000A
Cumulonimbus calvusA powerful vertical development (tops rise), contours at the top fade, cauliflower structure becomes lessOtherYes2,00016,0002000-16000D
Cumulonimbus cloudVery tall and large cloudsOtherYes2,00018,3002000-18300D
Nimbostratus cloudDark, widespread, formless layerOtherYes300600300-600D
Lenticular cloudlens-like, Saucer -shapedOtherYes6,00012,0006000-12000B
Stratocumulus castellanuslow, somewhat stacked clouds with a top that looks like battlements or towers, mostly pointing to chaotic wind directionOtherYes5002,500500-2500C
Stratocumulus cloudMuch like Cumulus clouds , except lumped together and bigger.OtherYes5002,500500-2500A
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