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General information
field description Type Unit associated date foreign table
description related table relationship table
Table in which FK is located
table field
album/song track
album/song track_number
alphabet ISO_15924
alphabet Unicode_range
alphabet Unicode_alias
alphabet period_start
alphabet period_end
beer taste
Conservation status risk
election seats_for_election
election result name_sv
election result name_pt
election result id
election result name_de
election result name_en
election result name_es
election result name_fr
election result name_it
election result name_nl
election result name_pl
golf club email
golf club address
golf club name_fr
golf club telephone
golf club date_founded
golf club id
golf club membership_Available
golf club name_de
golf club name_en
golf club name_es
golf club name_it
golf club name_nl
golf club name_pl
golf club name_pt
golf club name_sv
golf club website
golf course date_opened
golf course id
golf course name_de
golf course name_en
golf course name_fr
golf course name_nl
golf course name_pt
golf course length_longest_tee
golf course name_es
golf course name_it
golf course holes
golf course name_pl
golf course name_sv
tee cr
tee id
tee lenght
tee par
tee slope
hotel address
hotel telephone
political Post Residence
political Post Salary
political Post Style
political Post Term_length
political Post website
prepared food temperature
species (taxonomy) common_name
species (taxonomy) common_name
type of discovery method (astronomy) id
type of discovery method (astronomy) name_de
type of discovery method (astronomy) name_en
type of discovery method (astronomy) name_es
type of discovery method (astronomy) name_fr
type of discovery method (astronomy) name_it
type of discovery method (astronomy) name_nl
type of discovery method (astronomy) name_pl
type of discovery method (astronomy) name_pt
type of discovery method (astronomy) name_sv
Style golfcourse name_en
Style golfcourse name_es
Style golfcourse name_fr
Style golfcourse id
Style golfcourse name_de
Style golfcourse name_pl
Style golfcourse name_it
Style golfcourse name_nl
Style golfcourse name_pt
Style golfcourse name_sv
type of tee name_en
type of tee name_es
type of tee name_fr
type of tee name_it
type of tee name_nl
type of tee name_pl
type of tee name_pt
type of tee name_sv
type of tee id
type of tee name_de