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Stock Indexes

Stock indexes are the indicators that reflect the variation in the price of a group of listed assets that meet certain characteristics.
Among the tens that exist, the dean of all of them stands out. The Dow Jones Transportation Average, consisting of eleven transport companies, nine of them linked to the rail sector. An index that was born on July 2, 1884 in which the rest are inspired.
The question of what they are for, the answer is simple: to know the behavior of a group of assets and to compare the relative profitability of investors, when not, directly, for reference for passive investment.

Types of stock indexes

Not all stock indices are equal. These can be classified into three large groups:
Depending on their geographical origin:being able to be national when the assets are eradicated in the same territory, international when they are made up of assets from several countries and global when These are spread throughout the planet.
Depending on the type of companies that host:being sector indexes when they are composed of companies from the same sector and intersectoral when they are composed of companies from different sectors .
Depending on the type of assets that they host:may be equity indexes when they are made up of shares, fixed income indexes when they are made up of bonds and obligations Show all -