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namemanufacturercreatorownercommissioned byxxxxxxxximagexxxxxxxxdateHeight
Year of acquisition
Alexander III Commemorative Maria FeodorovnaNicholas ii of russiaimage1909011200[RUB]11200[RUB]1909
Alexander Palace Alexandra FeodorovnaNicholas ii of russiaimage19080Faberge - H.W. - Y.L.[1] 72, kokoshnik.12300[RUB]12300[RUB]Miniature Alexander Palace0
Bay Tree Viktor VekselbergNicholas ii of russiaimage19110Fabergé 191112800[RUB]Fabergé Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia12800[RUB]Feathered songbird2004
Caucasus Alexander III of Russiaimage1893Fabergé, MP, punzone di San Pietroburgo ante 1896.5200[RUB]5200[RUB]Miniature paintings1893
Clover Leaf Alexandra FeodorovnaNicholas ii of russiaimage19020M.P, Y.L.[1] , 56, kokoshnik.8750[RUB]8750[RUB]unknown1902
Cockerel Nicholas ii of russiaimage19000sul lato della base: iniziali del mastro orafo e Fabergé in cirillico, punzone del saggiatore Yakov Lyapunov (1899-1903), 56 standard per oro a 14 carati.6500[RUB]Fabergé Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia6500[RUB]A moving bird
Colonnade Elizabeth iiNicholas ii of russiaimage1910011600[RUB]11600[RUB]No surprise01953
Constellation Alexander IvanovNicholas ii of russiaimage1917
Gatchina Palace Nicholas ii of russiaimage190105000[RUB]Walters Art MuseumGold replica of the palace at Gatchina.01930
Kelch Chanticleer Viktor Vekselbergimage19040Fabergé Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia2004
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