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Quasar or quasi-stellar radio source registered

The quasar or quasar, an Anglo-Saxon acronym of ‘quasi-stellar radio source is defined by astronomers as an astronomical source of electromagnetic energy among which we find both radio frequencies and light.
To understand the quasar well, it is necessary to first understand what electromagnetic radiation is, in terms of the variable electromagnetic field that is formed by electric and magnetic fields that move through space carrying energy from one point to another. This is also defined as the waves produced by the sources of the electromagnetic field that move at the speed of light. These can manifest in very different forms such as hercian waves, infrared light, ultraviolet light, X-rays, gamma rays or, among others, quasi-radio or quasar radios.
Some phenomena that take place in an immense black hole eradicated in the epicenter of a galaxy breaks down swallowing all the matter that is in its path. When this happens, as a direct consequence of the high rotation speed of the generated accretion disk, a huge amount of energy is generated that is released through any of the ways mentioned in the previous paragraph, which makes quasar the object that brightest in the entire universe, at least those known to man to date.
Far away are those theories that defined them as a sort of white holes that were discarded as they became aware of what they are formed and their own Show all -

RedshiftBlue Optical Magnitudered Optical Magnitudegalactic longitude
galactic latitude
Probability That This Object Is a quasarreference codeClass
ESO 5-4NRX91-870.00608.712.2299.20123-27.7466998PGCNEL GALAXY
PBC J0749.2-8634AX118-870.109017.317.5299.20053-26.1921799HMQAGN UNCLASSIFIED
PKS 0044-84QR11-841.032019.620.1303.13571-32.7477093HMQQSO TYPE 1
IRAS 09305-8408NRX142-840.063015.714.5298.13397-23.5197499HMQNEL GALAXY
PKS 2155-83QRX331-841.865019.719.5307.96207-31.7461198HMQQSO TYPE 1
PKS 0541-834QX83-830.774022.321.1295.81476-29.1423572HMQQSO TYPE 1
BZUJ1224-8313BR186-830.000021.519.7302.09824-20.3906978HMQBL LAC
IRAS 14459-8248NR224-830.114014.315.5306.75983-21.0798673HMQNEL GALAXY
PKS 1302-82QX197-830.870018.217.6303.49014-20.1399697HMQQSO TYPE 1
PKS 0047-832QR12-831.112017.517.2303.06485-34.1803856HMQQSO TYPE 1
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