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namedata endxxxxxxxximagexxxxxxxxfollowscauseland useBuildings destroyedBurned area
Mount Carmel forest fire (2010)Human errorRural7432.733333330035.050000000074 buildings destroyed and 50 km²02/12/2010 - 05/12/20104416
Great Fire of ValparaísoUnknownRural2,500at least 2500 houses have been replaced12/04/ - 06/04/1510
Great Hinckley FireDroughtRural809,374,976418
Great Porcupine Fire48.5000000000-81.166666670011/07/1911
Great Vancouver FireGreatest part of town
Gulf Hotel fire29.7630000000-95.364000000007/09/5530
Hayman FireArsonRural558,929,98408/06/2002 - 18/07/20026
High Park fireElectrical/Lightning259353,227,008Late 09/06/20121
Honey Prairie FireElectrical/Lightning1,251,289,98430/04/2011 - 16/04/2012
Horseshoe 2 FireHuman errorMixed2331.8200000000-109.211000000008/05/2011 - 25/06/2011
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