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namexxxxxxxximagexxxxxxxxdesignerfollowsdate designeddate enddate startcolorCountrycontinentHeight
10 euro noteimage5 euro note01/2014from 2002GermanyEurope0.07100
100 euro noteimage50 euro note09/1996from 2002GreenGermanyEurope0.081000
20 euro noteimage10 euro note09/1996from 2002BlueGermanyEurope0.07200
200 euro noteimage100 euro note09/1996from 2002YellowGermanyEurope0.082000
5 euro noteimage05/2013from 2002GreyGermanyEurope0.0650
50 euro noteimage20 euro note09/1996from 2002GermanyEurope0.08500
500 euro noteimage200 euro note09/199626/04/2019from 2002PurpleGermanyEurope0.085000
Billete de 5 bolívares de 1966image10/05/1966VenezuelaAmericas5
Billete de cinco mil colones de 1991image198720051991Costa RicaAmericas5,000
Billete de cinco quetzalesimageGuatemalaAmericas5
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