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namexxxxxxxximagexxxxxxxxDetonationguidance systemtypewarheaddate designeddate end servicedate start serviceDiameter
Enginecountry of origincontinent of originlaunchpadLength
Number builtOperational range
2K11 KrugimageLate 196519651V59 V-12 water-cooled diesel$#$520 hp928,200
3M-54 KalibrimageMulti-stage [Multi-stage] Solid-Fuel [Solid-fuel_rocket] rocket, Turbojet [Turbojet] engine for 3M-54/E/TE/E1/TE1, -14/E/TE, Solid fuel rocket for 91RE1/RTE2RussiaEurope
3M6 Shmelimage1959241,955
3M7imagedwustopniowy silnik rakietowy na staly material pedny150
A-135 anti-ballistic missile systemimage33,000
9K111 FagotimageLate 19700111,9702,500186
9K114 ShturmimageActive Radar1976Soyuz NPO311,974400
9K115 MetisimageLate 19790161,978
9K115-2 Metis-MimageLate 19920solid-fuel rocketRussiaEurope1141,992
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