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mythological beeings

namexxxxxxxximagexxxxxxxxhabitatgendergroupingmythologydate First reporteddate Last reportedCountrycontinentOther nameTitleequivalent
Mars (mythology)Man
ZeusManGiove (astrologia), Jupiter (mythology), Perun, Thor, Amun, Baal, Giove (astrologia), Perun, Thor
HadesManPluto (mythology)
ThorManJupiter (mythology), Perun, Zeus, Perun, Taranis, Zeus
Saturn (mythology)ManCronus, Saturno (astrologia), Chronos, Saturno (astrologia)
DemonSprite (folklore), Akuma (folklore), Bies, Daeva, Demony słowiańskie, Devil, Genius (mythology), Jinn
MoiraiNorns, Norns, Parcae
UndineMavka, Rusalka, Vila (fairy), Mavka, Vila (fairy)
NornsMoirai, Moirai, Parcae
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