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nametypeAngular diameter
Apparent magnitudeAscension
date discoveredDeclination
ConstellationRadial velocity
Redshiftgalactic longitude
galactic latitude
Principal Galaxy CatalogAxis Ratio in Log ScalePosition Angle
The Historically Corrected New General Catalogueledaugc
PGC 2150510.6060-90302.75021-27.27750PGC 215051
PGC 2150560.39226-90303.08841-26.91800PGC 215056
PGC 2150720.66168-89302.66669-26.62280PGC 215072
PGC 2150750.51114-89302.26971-27.00730PGC 215075
PGC 2150770.44130-89302.30688-26.83570PGC 215077
PGC 6249Spiral1.2926-89302.76700-27.77750PGC 6249NGC 2573
PGC 2150850.66221-89303.30240-26.50240PGC 215085
PGC 2150870.70175-89302.68579-26.44430PGC 215087
PGC 2150880.58228-89303.39709-26.53280PGC 215088
PGC 893230.71348-89303.27551-27.79220PGC 89323
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