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Galaxy Clusters

According to experts there are thousands of galaxies. Although we are not yet in a position to determine how many they are, we do affirm that these are grouped into cosmic superstructures known as clusters of galaxies of different shapes and sizes that are held together thanks to the force of gravity of dark matter. Cohesion that could be altered in the case of an exorbitant expansion of the cosmos that ends the accumulation of matter.
These galactic clusters are divided into groups, clusters and superclusters, depending on the size and number of galaxies that integrate them, ranging from just a dozen to thousands of them. The clusters are, then, those galactic structures formed by different groups gravitationally associated with each other. On the other hand, superclusters are the largest structures we know, formed by thousands of clusters cohesive with each other thanks to gravity.
Focusing solely on the clusters of galaxies, these are larger than the groups, but less than the superclusters, although there is no clear frontier in number of galaxies to help us determine what is one thing and what is another. br> However, unlike what happens with galactic groups, the speeds of the clusters are excessively gigantic to be limited by gravitational attraction. Something that astronomers have been able to determine through observation, is that Show all -

date discoveredDeclination
galactic longitude
galactic latitude
Number of Member Galaxy Candidates in 1 MpcRichnessRadius of Member Galaxy Detection
WHL J000651.6-1113052-1187.42170-70.94940981
WHL J002353.9-1112366-1199.47880-72.8156015131
WHL J002338.1-1112346-1199.27590-72.7916012101
WHL J001202.0-1111523-1190.86350-71.5722019121
WHL J235757.6-111146359-1182.08790-69.706301391
WHL J003114.4-1111178-11105.37480-73.3675015142
WHL J001445.7-1111144-1192.76410-71.876701181
WHL J001159.0-1109433-1190.88410-71.534901091
WHL J002831.0-1109347-11103.18470-73.146301271
WHL J000840.1-1109222-1188.68740-71.1265021191
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39716 results