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nameplanetAlbedoApparent magnitudeArgument of periapsis
date discoveredEccentricityescape speed
Longitude of the ascending node
Mean Density
Mean diameter
orbital Inclination
Orbital period
Rotational period
Semi major axis
Surface gravity
Adrastea Jupiter008/07/1979018,894,001,369,252,0004,50023,000070122David C. Jewitt
Aegaeon Saturn15/08/20080019Carolyn Porco
Aegir Saturn12/12/20040259,999,989,235,7102,3006,00016724,622091Brian G. Marsden, David C. Jewitt, Jan Kleyna, Scott S. Sheppard
Aitne Jupiter2001044,999,999,750,1442,6003,00016517,5240David C. Jewitt, Jan Kleyna, Scott S. Sheppard
Albiorix Saturn021200002,099,999,831,752,700026,0003418,803130Holman Fenwick Willan, Matthew J. Holman, T.B.
Amalthea Jupiter01409/09/189207,320,000,311,186,199,5521,800270,00000122Edward Emerson Barnard
Ananke Jupiter01928/09/1951030,000,000,817,693,0002,60028,00015014,3270124Seth Barnes Nicholson
Anthe Saturn30/05/200700251/2 Price Store
Aoede Jupiter2308/02/2003186,999,998,398,4642,60016017,152David C. Jewitt, Jan Kleyna, Scott S. Sheppard, Yanga R. Fernández
Arche Jupiter2002044,999,999,750,1442,6003,00016517,3740Scott S. Sheppard
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