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namexxxxxxxximagexxxxxxxxstatusstatisticsColor chargedate discovereddate theorizedElectric charge
charm antiquarkimageCharm quark
down antiquarkimageDown quark
antiquarkimageQuarkAlpha particle, Antineutron, Ω-Meson
tau antineutrinoimageTau neutrinoAlpha particle, Antineutron
strange antiquarkimageStrange quarkAlpha particle, Antineutron, Ω-Meson
antitauimageTau (particle)
stable elementary particleimageAntineutron
electron antineutrinoimageElectron neutrino0Alpha particle, Antineutron
antineutrinoimage19560NeutrinoFrederick ReinesAlpha particle, Antineutron
muon antineutrinoimageMuon neutrinoAlpha particle, Antineutron
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