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namediscovery methodAbsolute magnitudeAphelion
Apparent magnitudeArgument of periapsis
date discoveredDeclination
EccentricitystarLongitude of the ascending node
orbital Inclination
Orbital period
Semi major axis
Spectral typetemperature
Discovered_byOmega, the Periastron Longitude
rotation period
WASP-54 bPrimary Transit2011WASP-5418910.000
HAT-P-38 bPrimary Transit20122490HAT-P-3808811110G240.000
Kepler-12 bPrimary Transit20110Kepler-1208910720G0182.000
WASP-20 bPrimary Transit2011210WASP-20086118100.000
HD 142022 A bRadial Velocity2432005-84361HD 142022 A51046,2723K0 V170.000
HD 39091 bRadial Velocity842001-80181HD 390911049,1763G1 IV330.000
HD 137388 bRadial Velocity2342011-80380HD 13738807,9201K0/K1V86.000
GJ 3021 bRadial Velocity42000-80181GJ 302133,2090G6 V290.700
HD 63454 bRadial Velocity1152005-78360HD 6345406810K4 V137.100
HD 212301 bRadial Velocity3372005-78530HD 21230105410F8 V172.800
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