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nameAbsolute magnitudeAge
Apparent magnitudeAscension
Radial velocity
RedshiftSpectral typetemperature
HD 1989TYCHO 2 2000USNO A2 0BSC 1991HIPFlamsteedBayerproper names
Delta Ceti29,993,3604400198Cetus813513.0000B2IV[2] 21,900HD 16582TYC 46-1633-1USNO-A2 0900-00621415HR 779HIP 1238782 Cetd Cet
Omicron Tauri0379,747,680451965Taurus (constellation)321160.0001B2V[2] 20,700HD 21120TYC 650-1471-1USNO-A2 0975-00747487HR 1030HIP 159001 Tau? Tau
Épsilon Fornacis3645-2830FornaxG8/K0VHD 18907TYC 6444-112-1USNO-A2 0600-01186825HR 914HIP 14086e For
Ómicron Librae26230-1655Libra (constellation)2525.0000HD 136407TYC 6171-196-1USNO-A2 0675-14148091HR 5703HIP 7511829 Lib? Lib
1 Aquarii14,756,839,9365310075Aquarius (constellation)14111K1III[3] HD 196758TYC 511-1136-1USNO-A2 0900-18848817HR 7897HIP 1019361 Aqr
1 Arietis062822176Aries (constellation)HD 11154USNO-A2 1050-00501997HR 5301 Ari
1 Boötis162052093Boötes2-26226.0000HD 119055TYC 1462-202-1USNO-A2 1050-06981947HR 5144HIP 667271 Boo
1 Canis Minoris51111297Canis MinorA5IVHD 58187TYC 772-1776-1USNO-A2 0975-05085602HR 2820HIP 359871 CMi
1 Cassiopeiae35,696,216534759339Cassiopeia (constellation)15-98B0.5IVHD 218376TYC 3997-2306-1USNO-A2 1425-14603748HR 8797HIP 1141041 Cas
1 Ceti06360-16149Cetus44.3000HD 224481TYC 6405-1114-1USNO-A2 0675-37616462HR 9065HIP 1181781 Cet
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