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military vehicles

Crewdate production endeddate production startedEngineHeight
Maximum speed
Number builtPower
Power weight ratio
Überlandwagen1 Daimler tipo 165204 a benzina [Benzina]18,00079
ČKD-Praga LT-H47,620
Łowcza-33JAMZ 238W , poj. 14 860 cm³$#$moc - 176,5 kW (240 KM) przy 2100 obr./min12,000
Škoda T-15Škoda V-8 o mocy 235 KM11,000
ТС-1SpringsTruck2Motor diésel YaMZ-238 , tracción 8×8., 8 cilindros Diésel [Motor_di%C3%A9sel]$#$14 L [Litro], 260 hp [Caballo_de_potencia] (190 kW)910,7003
10.5 cm K 525,0002
10.5 cm leFH 18/1(Sf) auf Geschützwagen IVb4silnik gaznikowy [Silnik_ga%C5%BAnikowy] Maybach HL66P o mocy 235 kW17,0008
10.5 cm leFH18/40/2 auf Fgst Pz Kpfw III/IV5silnik gaznikowy [Silnik_ga%C5%BAnikowy] Maybach HL 9025,000
102/35 su Fiat 634N4 × 2Combat vehicle8Fiat 355C a 6 cilindri in linea, 8355 cm³6,20059,656420,000102/35 Mod. 1914
102/35 su SPA 9000Rotated 4x2SpringsAnti-Aircraft Guns2Motore SPA [Societ%C3%A0_Piemontese_Automobili] monoblocco, alimentazione benzina Cilindrata 56706,900102/35 Mod. 1914
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