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chemical elements

nameatomic numbersymbolnamed afterxxxxxxxximagexxxxxxxxdiscovererphysical stateAtomic Mass
atomic radius
Boiling point
covalent radius
Electrical conductivity
HardnessHeat capacity
Ionization energy 1
Ionization energy 2
Ionization energy 3
Ionization energy 4
Ionization energy 5
Ionization energy 6
Ionization energy 7
Ionization energy 8
date discoveredMelting point
Molar volume
(million m³/mol)
sound speed
Thermal conductivity
Van der Waals radius
vaporization Enthalpy
Vapour pressure
Actinium89AcimageAndré-Louis Debierne22710,0701899
Aluminium13AlimageHans Christian Ørsted2,6002,70018259330
Americium95AmimageGlenn T. Seaborg24312,0001944
Argon18ArimageWilliam Ramsay21894
Arsenic33AsimageAlbertus Magnus5,7278860
Astatine85AtimageEmilio Segrè2105031940
Barium56BaimageCarl Wilhelm Scheele2,1703,15018081,000
Berkelium97BkimageGlenn T. Seaborg2471949
Beryllium4BeimageLouis Nicolas Vauquelin2,7731,848217981,5600
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