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table city

General information
field description Type Unit associated date foreign table
id Unique identifier Integer
name name Text
id_office_head_government office head of government foreign key political Post
id_mayor Mayor foreign key person
image image Text
date_founded date founded Date
Area Area Real
elevation Elevation Real m
id_country Country foreign key country
id_division_1 administrative division foreign key administrative division
id_continent continent foreign key continent
id_waterbody waterbody foreign key waterbody
latitude latitude Coordinate °
longitude longitude Coordinate °
website Website Text
population population Integer people Si
Demonym Demonym Text
description related table relationship table
Table in which FK is located
table field
airline id_city_Headquarters
airport id_location
airport id_city
amusement park id_city
armed organizacion id_city_Headquarters
award id_city
ballet company id_city
bank id_city_Headquarters
beach id_city
brewery id_city_Headquarters
bridge id_city
building id_city
casino id_city
castle id_city
cave id_city
cemetery id_city
choir id_city
city population id_city
company id_city_Headquarters
concentration camp id_city
conflict id_city
country id_capital
dam id_city
distillery id_city_Headquarters
administrative division id_capital
draft id_city
earthquake id_city
former country id_capital
foundation id_city
ghetto id_city
golf club id_city
heritage site id_city
hospital id_city
hotel id_city
hut id_city
label id_city_Headquarters
legislature id_city
library id_city
lighthouse id_city
livery company id_city_Headquarters
magazine id_city_Headquarters
mall id_city
match id_city
micronation id_capital
military construction id_city
military unit id_city_Headquarters
mill id_city
mine id_city
monastery id_city
monument id_city
museum id_city
national military id_city_Headquarters
network id_city_Headquarters
newspaper id_city_Headquarters
observatory id_city
oil field id_city
opera company id_city_Headquarters
orchestra id_city_Headquarters
organization id_city_Headquarters
person id_city_of_death
person id_city_of_birth
pipeline id_from_locality
pipeline id_to_locality
political party id_city_Headquarters
port id_city
power station id_city
prison id_city
public art work id_city
public body id_city_Headquarters
publisher id_city_Headquarters
pyramid id_city
race course id_city
radio id_city_Headquarters
religion id_city
religious organization id_city_Headquarters
restaurant id_city
roller coaster id_city
school id_city
sculpture id_city
ski station id_city
space agency id_city_Headquarters
sport organization id_city_Headquarters
stadium id_city
station id_city
stock exchange id_city
stock exchange id_city_Headquarters
street id_city
studio id_city_Headquarters
team id_city
television id_city_Headquarters
temple id_city
theatre id_city
themed area id_city
tomb id_city
trade union id_city_Headquarters
tunnel id_city
university id_city
vivarium id_city
water id_city
waterfall id_location
water park id_city
water ride id_city
winery id_city_Headquarters