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table country

General information
field description Type Unit associated date foreign table
id Unique identifier Integer
name name Text
long_name_en long name Text
population_source population (source) Text
population population Integer people Si
population_year population (year) year
id_constitutional_form constitutional form foreign key type of constitutional form
id_drives_on drives on foreign key type of hand
id_head_of_state_authority head of state authority foreign key type of head of state authority
id_main_continent Main continent foreign key continent
Airports number of airports Real Si
Airports_with_paved_runways Airports - with paved runways Real Si
Airports_with_unpaved_runways Airports - with unpaved runways Real Si
Area Area Real
Birth_rate Birth rate Real births/1,000 population Si
calling_code calling code Text
Children_under_the_age_of_5_years_underweight Children under the age of 5 years underweight Real % Si
Current_Account_Balance Current Account Balance Real US$ Si
Death_rate Death rate Real deaths/1,000 population Si
Debt_external Debt - external Real Billion US$ Si
Economic_aid_donor Economic aid donor Real Billion $ Si
Electricity_consumption Electricity consumption Real billion kWh Si
Electricity_consumption_per_capita Electricity consumption per capita Real kWh per person Si
Electricity_exports Electricity exports Real million kWh Si
Electricity_imports Electricity imports Real million kWh Si
Electricity_production Electricity production Real billion kWh Si
Exports Exports Real Billion $ Si
GDP_per_capita_PPP GDP - per capita (PPP) Real US$ Si
GDP_purchasing_power_parity GDP (purchasing power parity) Real Billion $ Si
GDP_real_growth_rate GDP real growth rate Real % Si
gni Gross national income Real US$ Si
hdi Human Development Index Real Si
Health_expenditures Health expenditures Real % of GDP Si
Heliports Heliports Real Si
HIV_AIDS_adult_prevalence_rate HIV AIDS adult prevalence rate Real % Si
HIV_AIDS_deaths HIV AIDS deaths Real Si
HIV_AIDS_people_living_with_HIV_AIDS HIV AIDS people living with HIV AIDS Real Si
Hospital_bed_density Hospital bed density Real beds/1,000 population Si
id_capital capital city foreign key city
id_currency Currency foreign key currency
Imports Imports Real Billion $ Si
Industrial_production_growth_rate Industrial production growth rate Real % Si
Infant_mortality_rate Infant mortality rate Real deaths/1,000 live births Si
Inflation_rate_consumer_prices Inflation rate consumer prices Real % Si
Internet_hosts Internet hosts Real Si
internet_tld internet tld Text
Internet_users Internet users Real Si
Investment_gross_fixed Investment (gross fixed) Real % Si
iso_3166_code iso 3166 code Text
Labor_force Labor force Real Si
Life_expectancy_at_birth Life expectancy at birth Real years Si
Literacy Literacy Real % Si
Manpower_available_for_military_service Manpower available for military service Real Si
Manpower_fit_for_military_service Manpower fit for military service Real Si
Manpower_reaching_militarily_significant_age_annually Manpower reaching militarily age annually Real Si
is_democracy is democracy Boolean
Market_value_of_publicly_traded_shares Market value of publicly traded shares Real US$ Si
Maternal_mortality_rate Maternal mortality rate Real deaths/100,000 live births Si
Merchant_marine Merchant marine Real Si
Military_expenditures_percent_of_GDP Military expenditures percent of GDP Real Si
Natural_gas_consumption Natural gas consumption Real cubic meters Si
Natural_gas_consumption_per_capita Natural gas consumption per capita Real cubic meters per person Si
Natural_gas_exports Natural gas exports Real cubic meters Si
Natural_gas_imports Natural gas imports Real cubic meters Si
Natural_gas_production Natural gas production Real cubic meters Si
Natural_gas_proved_reserves Natural gas proved reserves Real cubic meters Si
Net_migration_rate Net migration rate Real migrant/1,000 population Si
Obesity_adult_prevalence_rate Obesity adult prevalence rate Real % Si
Oil_consumption Oil consumption Real bbl/day Si
Oil_consumption_per_capita Oil consumption per capita Real bbl/day per 1000 people Si
Oil_exports Oil exports Real bbl/day Si
Oil_imports Oil imports Real bbl/day Si
Oil_production Oil production Real bbl/day Si
Oil_proved_reserves Oil proved reserves Real bbl Si
Physicians_density Physicians density Real physicians/1,000 population Si
Population_below_poverty_line Population below poverty line Real % Si
Population_census Population census Integer people Si
Population_density Population density Real Number of people per square kilometer Si
population_estimate Population estimate Integer people Si
Population_growth_rate Population growth rate Real % Si
Public_debt Public debt Real % of GDP Si
Railways Railways Real km Si
Reserves_of_foreign_exchange_and_gold Reserves of foreign exchange and gold Real US$ Si
Roadways Roadways Real km Si
Stock_of_direct_foreign_investment_abroad Stock of direct foreign investment abroad Real US$ Si
Stock_of_direct_foreign_investment_at_home Stock of direct foreign investment at home Real US$ Si
Telephones_main_lines_in_use Telephones main lines in use Real Si
Telephones_main_lines_in_use_per_capita Telephones main lines in use per capita Real Si
Telephones_mobile_cellular Telephones mobile cellular Real Si
Telephones_mobile_cellular_per_capita Telephones mobile cellular per capita Real Si
Total_fertility_rate Total fertility rate Real children born/woman Si
Unemployment_rate Unemployment rate Real % Si
Unemployment_youth_ages_15_24 Unemployment, youth ages 15-24 Real % Si
Waterways Waterways Real km Si
Demonym Demonym Text
description related table relationship table
estuary/country estuary estuary_country
archipelago/country archipelago archipelago_country
artillery/country artillery artillery_country
bay/country bay bay_country
border/country border border_country
canyon/country canyon canyon_country
cape/country cape cape_country
country/continent continent country_continent
country/language language country_language
country/religion religion country_religion
crater/country crater crater_country
desert/country desert desert_country
film/country film film_country
forest/country forest forest_country
former country/current country former_country former_country_current_country
glacier/country glacier glacier_country
helicopter/user helicopter helicopter_user
island/country island island_country
lake/country lake lake_country
marsh/country marsh marsh_country
mountain/country mountain Mountain_country
mountain pass/country mountain_pass mountainpass_country
mountain range/country mountain_range MountainRange_country
peninsula/country peninsula peninsula_country
pipeline/country pipeline pipeline_country
plateau/country plateau Plateau_country
protected area/country protected_area ProtectedArea_country
river/country river river_country
road/country road road_country
sea/country sea sea_country
shipclass/country ship_class ShipClass_Country
strait/country strait strait_country
valley/country valley valley_country
waterfall/country waterfall waterfall_country
Table in which FK is located
table field
airline id_Country
airline id_country_Headquarters
airplane id_Country
airport id_location_country
airport id_country
amusement park id_country
animal name id_country
anthem id_country
archipelago/country id_country
armed organizacion id_country_Headquarters
armed organizacion id_Country_of_origin
artillery/country id_country
automobile id_country_of_origin
award id_Country
ballet company id_Country
bank id_country_Headquarters
bank id_Central_bank_of
banknote id_country
bay/country id_country
beach id_country
bomb id_Country
border/country id_country
brand id_Country
brewery id_country_Headquarters
bridge id_country
building id_country
canal id_Country
canyon/country id_country
cape/country id_country
casino id_country
castle id_country
cave id_country
cemetery id_country
championship edition id_Country
cheese id_country_of_origin
choir id_Country
city id_country
cocktail id_Country
coin id_Country
company id_Country_of_origin
company id_country_Headquarters
computer virus id_country_of_isolation
computer virus id_country_of_origin
concentration camp id_country
conflict id_country
country/continent id_country
country/language id_country
country/religion id_country
crater/country id_country
currency id_country
dam id_Country
deity id_country
desert/country id_country
distillery id_country_Headquarters
distillery id_country
administrative division id_country
draft id_country
drink id_Country
earthquake id_country
estuary/country id_country
ethnic group id_country_of_origin
film/country id_country
forest/country id_country
former country id_Country
former country/current country id_country
foundation id_Country
ghetto id_country
given name id_country_of_origin
glacier/country id_country
golf club id_country
heritage designation id_Country
heritage site id_Country
hospital id_Country
hotel id_country
hut id_Country
island/country id_country
label id_country_Headquarters
label id_Country
lake/country id_country
launchpad id_country
legislature id_Country
library id_country
lighthouse id_Country
livery company id_country_Headquarters
magazine id_country_Headquarters
magazine id_Country
mall id_country
manuscript id_Country
marsh/country id_country
match id_Country
meteorite id_country
micronation id_Country
militant organization id_Country
military construction id_Country
military unit id_Country
military unit id_country_Headquarters
military vehicle id_Country
mill id_country
mine id_country
missile id_country_of_origin
monastery id_country
monument id_country
motorcycle id_Country
mountain/country id_country
mountain pass/country id_country
mountain range/country id_country
museum id_country
mythological beeing id_Country
national military id_Country
national military id_country_Headquarters
network id_country_Headquarters
network id_Country
newspaper id_Country
newspaper id_country_Headquarters
observatory id_country
oil field id_Country
olive id_Country
opera company id_country_Headquarters
orchestra id_country_Headquarters
orchestra id_Country
organization id_country_Headquarters
painting id_Country
peninsula/country id_country
pipeline id_from_locality_country
pipeline id_to_locality_country
pipeline/country id_country
plain id_Country
plateau/country id_country
political party id_Country
political party id_country_Headquarters
port id_country
power station id_Country
prepared food id_country_of_origin
prison id_Country
protected area/country id_country
public art work id_Country
public body id_country_Headquarters
publisher id_country_Headquarters
publisher id_Country
pyramid id_Country
race course id_country
racing car id_Country
radio id_country_Headquarters
radio id_Country
recurring event id_Country
recurring event apparition id_Country
recurring event edition id_Country
recurring event member id_Country
religion id_Country
religious organization id_country_Headquarters
reserve id_country
restaurant id_Country
river/country id_country
road/country id_country
roller coaster id_Country
school id_Country
scientific base id_Country
scientific base id_territory
sculpture id_Country
sea/country id_country
ship career id_Country
shipclass/country id_country
ski station id_Country
soft drink id_Country_of_origin
space agency id_country_Headquarters
spacecraft id_Country
space flight id_Country
spirit id_country_of_origin
sport id_Country_of_origin
sport organization id_Country
sport organization id_country_Headquarters
stadium id_country
station id_Country
stock exchange id_Country
stock exchange id_country_Headquarters
stock index id_Country
strait id_Country
strait/country id_country
street id_country
studio id_country_Headquarters
team id_Country
television id_Country
television id_country_Headquarters
temple id_country
theatre id_country
themed area id_Country
tomb id_country
trade union id_Country
trade union id_country_Headquarters
train id_Country
treaty id_Country
tunnel id_Country
university id_Country
valley/country id_country
videogame id_Country
vivarium id_Country
water id_Country_of_origin
waterfall id_Country
waterfall/country id_country
water park id_Country
water ride id_Country
weapon id_Country
wine id_Country
wine region id_Country
winery id_Country
winery id_country_Headquarters