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table person

General information
field description Type Unit associated date foreign table
id_religion Religion foreign key religion
id_university university foreign key university
id Unique identifier Integer
name name Text
given_name given name Text
family_name family name Text
image image Text
id_cause_death cause of death foreign key type death
id_father father foreign key person
id_mother mother foreign key person
birth_name birth name Text
date_of_birth date of birth Date
date_of_death date of death Date
id_Language Language foreign key language
Height Height Real m
id_nationality nationality foreign key country all times
id_city_of_birth city of birth foreign key city
website Website Text
id_division_1_of_birth administrative division of birth foreign key administrative division
id_continent_of_birth continent of birth foreign key continent
id_country_of_birth country of birth foreign key country all times
id_city_of_death city of death foreign key city
id_division_1_of_death administrative division of death foreign key administrative division
id_continent_of_death continent of death foreign key continent
id_country_of_death country of death foreign key country all times
id_gender gender foreign key gender
description related table relationship table
airline/person airline airline_person
band/person band band_person
bank/person bank Bank_person
chess opening/person chess_opening ChessOpening_person
choir/person choir Choir_person
company/person company company_person
political Post/person politicalPost politicalPost_person
golfclub/person golfcourse golfclub_person
library/person library library_person
manuscript/person manuscript Manuscript_person
match/person match match_person
micronation/person micronation micronation_person
militant organization/person militant_organization MilitantOrganization_person
military construction/person military_construction militaryconstruction_person
musical Composition/person musicalComposition musicalComposition_person
network/person network network_person
newspaper/person newspaper newspaper_person
opera company/person opera_company operaCompany_person
orchestra/person orchestra orchestra_person
organization/person organization organization_person
painting/person painting Painting_person
planet feature/person planet_feature PlanetFeature_person
war faction/person war_faction war_faction_person
political party/person political_party PoliticalParty_person
prison/person prison prison_person
golfcourse/person golfcourse golfcourse_person
public art work/person public_art_work PublicArtwork_person
public body/person public_body PublicBody_person
pyramid/person pyramid pyramid_person
racecourse/person race_course racecourse_person
racingcar/person racing_car racingcar_person
radio/person radio Radio_person
recurring event/person recurring_event recurringevent_person
recurring event edition/person recurring_event_edition recurringEventEdition_person
religion/person religion religion_person
religious organization/person religious_organization ReligiousOrganization_person
school/person school school_person
sculpture/person sculpture sculpture_person
sport organization/person sport_organization SportOrganization_person
station/person station Station_person
stockexchange/person stock_exchange StockExchange_person
studio/person studio studio_person
person profession profession person_profession
person award award person_award
person partner person person_partner
team/person team team_person
television/person television Television_person
temple/person temple temple_person
theatre/person theatre theatre_person
tomb/person tomb tomb_person
trade union/person trade_union TradeUnion_person
unit/person unit unit_person
university/person university university_person
waterpark/person water_park WaterPark_person
waterride/person water_ride WaterRide_person
winery/person winery winery_person
person literary Work novel literaryWork_person
legislature/person legislature legislature_person
spaceflight/crew space_flight spaceflight_crew
armed organization/person armed_organizacion armed_organization_person
Table in which FK is located
table field
airline/person id_person
airplane id_designer
alphabet id_Creator
anthem id_Author_lyrics
anthem id_Author_music
armed organization/person id_person
award id_named_after
band/person id_person
bank id_chief_executive_officer
bank/person id_person
banknote id_designer
cave id_discoverer
championship edition id_opened_by
chemical element id_named_after
chemical element id_discoverer
chess opening id_named_after
chess opening/person id_person
choir/person id_person
city id_mayor
cocktail id_creator
coin id_designer
coin id_Engraver
company id_chief_executive_officer
company id_chairperson
company/person id_person
crater id_named_after
disease id_named_after
draft id_First_selection
draft id_Mr_Irrelevant
election result id_nominee
encyclical id_Author
fabergeegg id_creator
fabergeegg id_commissioned_by
golfclub/person id_person
golfcourse/person id_person
legislature/person id_person
library/person id_person
literary work id_Author
person literary Work id_person
livery company id_master_of_company
manuscript/person id_person
match/person id_person
micronation/person id_person
militant organization/person id_person
military construction/person id_person
militaryUnit person id_person
mineral id_named_after
moon id_named_after
musical composition id_composer
musical Composition/person id_person
national military id_Commander_in_Chief
national military id_Minister_of_Defense
network/person id_person
newspaper/person id_person
observatory id_named_after
opera company/person id_person
orchestra/person id_person
organization/person id_person
painting id_Author
painting/person id_person
particle id_Theorized_by
peninsula id_named_after
person id_father
person id_mother
person award id_person
person partner id_partner
person partner id_person
person profession id_person
planet feature id_named_after
planet feature/person id_person
political party/person id_person
political Post id_Final_holder
political Post id_First_holder
political Post/person id_person
polyhedron id_discoverer
prison/person id_person
public art work/person id_person
public body/person id_person
pyramid id_commissioned_by
pyramid id_occupant
pyramid/person id_person
race course id_lap_record_pilot
racecourse/person id_person
racingcar/person id_person
radio/person id_person
recurring event/person id_person
recurring event edition id_Winner
recurring event edition/person id_person
recurring event member id_Winner
religion/person id_person
religious organization/person id_person
role playing game id_Author
school/person id_person
sculpture/person id_person
spaceflight/crew id_person
sport organization/person id_person
station/person id_person
stockexchange/person id_person
street id_named_after
studio/person id_person
class (taxonomy) id_Author
empire (taxonomy) id_Author
family (taxonomy) id_Author
genus (taxonomy) id_Author
kingdom (taxonomy) id_Author
order (taxonomy) id_Author
phylum (taxonomy) id_Author
species (taxonomy) id_Author
team id_headcoach
team id_chairperson
team/person id_person
television/person id_person
temple/person id_person
theatre id_named_after
theatre/person id_person
tomb id_occupant
tomb id_director_fieldwork
tomb/person id_person
trade union/person id_person
unit/person id_person
university/person id_person
war faction/person id_person
waterpark/person id_person
waterride/person id_person
winery/person id_person