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namedevelopment statusplanned usetlddate releasedRegistryResponsibleRestrictionsWebsite
.қазActiveNationalCountry code2012KAZnicAssociation of IT Companies of KazakhstanNone for second-level names, some restrictions for third-level names depending on which second-level name they are underhttp://www.nic.kz/
.acActiveInternationalCountry code1997Ascension Island Network Information Centre (run by Internet Computer Bureau)Cable and Wireless [Cable_%26_Wireless_Worldwide] (Ascension Island)As a second level, it is only used by professionals or entities with academic links, Registration as a third level must be done only by residents of Ascension Islandhttp://NIC.AC
.ADActiveNationalCountry code1996Nic.adServei de Telecommunicacions d''AndorraRecords have to be pre-approved by the Office for emblems and signs of the State, where their use is limited only to residents of Andorra, or Andorran companies, which have at least one representative in the country and registration number per person is limited.http://Nic.ad
.AEActiveNationalCountry code1992.aeDA [.aeDA]TRA [Telecommunications_Regulatory_Authority_(UAE)]It is necessary to show the ID card, company registration or passport. Resident of the UAE wanting to register has to physically visit the Etisalat office, or send a representative.http://aeda.ae
.aeroActiveBusinessSponsored17/03/2002SITA INC B.V. [Soci%C3%A9t%C3%A9_Internationale_de_T%C3%A9l%C3%A9communication_Aeronautique] (registry agreement ends in December, 2005 and new registry operator is being sought)SITA SC [Soci%C3%A9t%C3%A9_Internationale_de_T%C3%A9l%C3%A9communication_Aeronautique]; a Dot Aero Council was formed to take input from community; various industry associations have partner statusCredentials of applicants are checked before registration is permitted, but then any domain can be registeredhttp://information.aero
.AFActiveNationalCountry code1997AFGNICAfghanistan [Afghanistan] Ministry of CommunicationsThe record in the third level is restricted with the use of the name of the second levelhttp://nic.af
.AGActiveNationalCountry code1991NicAgNoneNonehttp://Nic.ag
.AIActiveNationalCountry code1995Offshore Information Services [Offshore_Information_Services]Government of Anguilla [Government_of_Anguilla]Nonehttp://Nic.com.ai
.AOActiveNationalCountry code1995University of Agostinho Neto [University_of_Agostinho_Neto] (College of Engineering)University of Agostinho Neto [University_of_Agostinho_Neto]Limited to the registration of residents in Angola, except for the .it.ao domain of international institutionshttp://Dns.ao
.AsiaActiveRegionalSponsored2007.Asia Registry (Technology Service Provider: Afilias [Afilias])DotAsia Organisation Ltd.Requires one contact in the Asia/Australia/Pacific regionwww.dot.asia
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