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file systems

namebad blocksdirectory contentsfile allocationpartition identifierAllowed characters in filenamesAttributesData deduplicationDate rangedate recordeddate releasedFile system permissionsForksOperating systemMax file sizeMax filename lengthMax number of filesMax volume sizetime resolution
Transparent compressionTransparent encryption
Advanced Disc Filing SystemNoneTableContigousLogicalASCII (AcornMOS), ISO 8859-1 (RISCOS)Load address, execute address and file cycle number (Acorn MOS), File type and modification time (RISC OS), User read/write/execute-only, public read/write/execute-only, Deletion lock01/01/1900 - 03/06/22481983Acorn MOS512[MIB]1047512[MIB]10,000,000
AdvFSTable1993Tru64 UNIX16[TIB]25516[TIB]
Amiga Fast File SystemfilenoteAmigaos
Be File SystemInodesTreeLinkedPrimaryAll UTF-8 but "/"POSIX ACLs: Read, Write, Execute10/05/1997YesYesBeos260[GB]2552[EB]1,000,000,000
Boot File SystemTablePrimaryUnixware14
BtrfsTreeContigousAll except ''/'' and NUL (''\0'')POSIX and extended attributes12/06/2007Linux16[EIB]25526416[EIB]1Yes
CXFSTreeContigousAll bytes except NUL1994YesIrix8.5[EB]25517[EB]
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