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namestatusstatisticsColor chargedate discovereddate theorizedElectric charge
Alpha particleBosonicYes2a, a2+, He2+
AntineutronDiscoveredFermionicYes1956Neutron01nAlpha particle, Antimuón, Antineutron, Ω-Meson, Anticharm quark, Antidown quark, Antileptons, Antimeson, Antimuon, Anti-muon, Antineutron, Antiproton, Antiprotons, Antiquarks, Antiup quark, Axion, Axion field, B quark, Bottom meson, Bottom quark, Chameleon particle, Charm quark, D meson, Down quark, Electron, Electron mass, Electron Neutrino, Eta meson, Free quark, Free quark search, Gravitino, Graviton, Heaviest subatomic particle, Heavy quarks, Higgs boson, J, J-Psi Particle, Kaon, K-particle, Kwark, Kwork, Lepton, Magnetic Monopole, Meson physics, Mesonics, Mesons, Muon, Muon neutrino, Muonic hydrogen, Muon-neutrino, N particle, Neurtron, Neutral D meson, Neutral kaon mixing, Neutral pion, Neutretto, Neutrino, Neutrino faster than light, Neutrino physics, Neutron, Neutron mass, Neutronium-1, Neutrons, November Revolution, November Revolution of 1974, Nutrinos, Pi meson, Pi0, Pi-Mesons, Pion, Pions, Positive electron, Positron, Positrons, Proton, Proton radius, Ps particle, Psi meson, Quark Color, Quark colour, Quark theory, Quarks, Sea antiquark, Sea quark, Sterile neutrino, Strange D meson, Strange quark, Strange quarks, Tau, Tau antineutrino, Tau leptons, Tau neutrino, Tau particle, Tau particles, Tauino, Tau-neutrino, Tauonic, Tauons, Tau-theta puzzle, The Top Quark, Top quark, U quark, Unineutron, Up quark, Valence quark mass, W and Z bosons, Who ordered that, X, Z, ZcAntibaryon
Antiquark bottomYes1977bAntiquark
Bottom eta mesonBosonicYes?$#$bΩ-MesonBoson
Chameleon particleTheoreticalYesAntineutron, Ω-Meson
Charm quarkFermionicYes2Sheldon Lee Glashow1cAlpha particle, Antimuón, Antineutron, Ω-MesonQuark
D mesonBosonicYesD+, D+$#$s, D0, D-$#$s, D-Alpha particle, Antimuón, Antineutron, Ω-MesonBoson
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