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star clusters

Angular diameter
Apparent magnitudeAscension
date discoveredDeclination
Distance to the sun
ConstellationDiscovered_bygalactic longitude
galactic latitude
Number of Most Probable (1 Sigma) Members in ClusterMetallicityAverage Radial Velocity
NGC 6760Globular100.009288184517,400Aquila (constellation)John Russell Hind36.10700-3.925002590-28
NGC 6397Globular100.0152651751-542,301Ara (constellation)338.16501-11.96000314-219
NGC 6362Globular100.0082631826-677,600Ara (constellation)James Dunlop325.55499-17.56900113-1-13
NGC 6352Globular100.0082611826-485,610Ara (constellation)James Dunlop341.42200-7.16700187-1-137
NGC 2384Open70.0071111836-212,074Canis MajorJohn Herschel235.38499-2.39700121050
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