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armed organizacions Ideology Sunnisme

namexxxxxxxximagexxxxxxxxstatusIdeologydate end activitydate Formeddate start activityWebsitebecamecity Headquartersadministrative division Headquarterscountry Headquarterscontinent Headquarterscountry of origincontinent of originOriginated asnumber of membersObjectivesperson
1920 Revolution BrigadeimageActiveSunni Islam2005websiteIraqAsia
Alliance for the Re-liberation of SomaliaimageSunni Islam01/2009200709/2007websiteHizbul IslamAsmaraMaekel RegionEritreaAfrica
Hamas of IraqimageActiveSunni Islam18/03/2007Late 18/03/2007websiteIraqAsia1920 Revolution Brigade
Hizbul IslamimageSunni Islam24/12/201401/200901/2009 - 12/2010websiteAl-Shabaab KismayoLower JubaSomaliaAfricaAlliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia
Izz ad-Din al-Qassam BrigadesimageActiveSunni Islam1992Late 1993website40,000implementation of the Hamas Charter, destroying the State of Israel, establishing Sharia law
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