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armed organizacions became Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

namexxxxxxxximagexxxxxxxxstatusIdeologydate end activitydate Formeddate start activityWebsitebecamecity Headquartersadministrative division Headquarterscountry Headquarterscontinent Headquarterscountry of origincontinent of originOriginated asnumber of membersObjectivesperson
Ansar al-IslamimageWahhabismLate 2001websiteIslamic State of Iraq and the Levant
Jund al-Aqsaimage01/201401/2014websiteIslamic State of Iraq and the LevantSyriaAsiaAl-Nusra FrontReversal of Bashar al-Assad / Establishment of a Caliphate governed by Sharia
Islamic State of Iraqimage08/04/201315/10/200615/10/2006websiteIslamic State of Iraq and the LevantTanzim Qaidat al-Jihad fi Bilad al-Rafidayn
Jama'at al-Tawhid wal-Jihadimage17/10/2004199917/10/1999websiteIslamic State of Iraq and the LevantFallujahAl Anbar GovernorateIraqAsiaAbu musab al-zarqawi
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