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buildings city Oldrzychowice Klodzkie

nameelevatorsfloors below groundxxxxxxxximagexxxxxxxxstatusstyleArea
typeusedate completedCostWebsitedate Openeddate Start constructionHeight
cityadministrative divisióncontinentCountrylatitude
number of FloorsaddressMap
Mauzoleum von Magnisów w Ołdrzychowicach Kłodzkichimage1889website1889Ołdrzychowice KłodzkieLower SilesianEuropePoland50.350000000016.7333000000 Map
Pałac Oppersdorfów w Ołdrzychowicach KłodzkichimagewebsiteOłdrzychowice KłodzkieLower SilesianEuropePoland50.350000000016.7333000000 Map
Pałac w Ołdrzychowicach KłodzkichimageAfter 1348websiteOłdrzychowice KłodzkieLower SilesianEuropePoland50.357800000016.7253000000Polna Map
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