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card games deck Other

namexxxxxxxximagexxxxxxxxdeckPlayrandom chancetypeAge
Card rank highest to lowestplace of originnumber of cardsnumber of playersPlaying time
skill required
CegoimageOtherCounter-clockwiseMediumTrick-takingTrump suit: Stieß, 21-1$#$Black suits: K Q C J 10 9 8 7$#$Red suits: K Q C J 1 2 3 4Italy5441
CalabresellaimageOtherCounter-clockwiseMediumTrick-taking3 2 A R C F 7 6 5 4Italy4030
Cassino (card game)imageOtherClockwiseMediumOtherItaly5240
EuchreimageOtherClockwiseMediumTrick-takingJ (of trump [Trump] suit [Suit_(cards)]) J (of same color) A K Q 10 9, sometimes 8 7Europe3240
Napoleon (card game)imageOtherClockwiseMediumTrick-takingFrance5270
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