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cities administrative division Los Ríos Region

nameoffice head of governmentMayorxxxxxxxximagexxxxxxxxArea
date foundedElevation
Countryadministrative divisioncontinentlatitude
Río Bueno, Chileimage5,900,000177843ChileLos Ríos RegionAmericas-40.3166656494-72.9666671753website16,909 Map
Valdiviaimage1,016,000,000After 15525ChileLos Ríos RegionAmericas-39.7999992371-73.2333297729website150,048 Map
Liquiñeimage230ChileLos Ríos RegionAmericas-39.7347221375-71.8541641235website1,205 Map
LlifénimageChileLos Ríos RegionAmericas-40.1978000000-72.2598000000website748 Map
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