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Cities in Armenia

Although it is not a particularly tourist country, Armenia is a country that deserves to be visited for many reasons. Some of them of not little weight, as we go next:

Reasons to visit Armenia

Armenia is much more than the country from which the Kardashian originated or which produced Winston Churchill's favorite brandy. This country of around three million inhabitants located between the mountains of the Caucasus has some unique places in the world such as the Sacred Ground, that place built in the first century that is believed to be a sanctuary of the sun god Mihr.
Also of authentic Soviet relics such as the Khrushchyovka, the Opera Palace or the Republic Square that amaze those visitors who stay for a few days in Yerevan, the capital of the country.
However, it should be noted that Armenia is much more than its capital. In fact, many of its great attractions are outside, such as the great Transcaucasic Trail that runs through the Dilijan National Park or the amazing Mount Ararat.
Another of those places that can only be found in Armenia is the Echmiadzin Cathedral of the 6th century, the considered oldest cathedral in the world that is the great mosque for the Muslim community and the great Wall for the Jewish community or the labyrinthine complex of Geghard, Unesco World Heritage of the 13th century.
No less interesting its intangible heritage, Show all -

nameoffice head of governmentMayorxxxxxxxximagexxxxxxxxArea
date foundedElevation
Countryadministrative divisioncontinentlatitude
Aragats, Aragatsotn25,510,0001,980ArmeniaAragatsotnAsia40.488609314044.3544425964website3,100
Agarak, Aragatsotn5,740,0001,350ArmeniaAragatsotnAsia40.302501678544.2788887024website1,268
Ashtarak7,500,0001,110ArmeniaAragatsotnAsia40.2975006104Kasagh River44.3616676331website21,600
Dashtadem, Aragatsotn730,0001,458ArmeniaAragatsotnAsia40.344478607243.8590774536website701
Tegher, Armenia14,150,00018311,710ArmeniaAragatsotnAsia40.345275878944.2363891602website261
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