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Bays of Asia

If there is a continent that likes to travel to Western travelers that is Asia. A huge continent, with an overwhelming history, with endless tourist, gastronomic attractions and with some of the friendliest populations with tourists in the world where, in addition, it is incredibly economical to drive.
In addition to having some of the most populated urban centers on the planet, Asia has landscape paradises such as the Gobi Desert, the Chinese Wall, the Everest mountain range, the Indian Golden Triangle or the Maldivian beaches, as well as thousands of temples With thousands of years of history capable of leaving those who visit them speechless.
However, if we have to highlight something about Asia, it is the purity of its green areas, its reserves and the amount of life that emerges from this eminently temperate and humid area that, in many cases, ends in the form of incomparable bays.
Although all these geographical accidents are worth a visit for many reasons, the Ha Long Bay, located in the Gulf of Tonkín, in Vietnam deserves a separate chapter. Formed by 1,600 islands that emerge from the sea as if they were giant stalagmites, they form a maritime landscape of unique calcareous pillars. Its steep relief, virgin to human action and that has an enormous biological interest, is so overwhelming and beautiful that it is the only Asian bay that is a UNESCO World Show all -

Gulf of Martaban20AsiaAndaman Sea16.5166664124220,00097.0000000000150,000
Gwadar BayAsiaArabian Sea25.033332824732,00062.316665649416,000
Haitang BayAsia18.2999992371109.7333297729
Half Moon Bay, Saudi ArabiaAsia26.166666030950.0333328247
Hangzhou BayAsiaEast China Sea30.2833328247120.9166641235
Hiroshima BayAsiaSeto inland sea34.2000000000132.3500000000
Honeymoon Bay, YilanAsia24.8333339691121.9499969482
Ise BayAsia34.7500000000136.7500000000
Karaginsky GulfAsiaMar de bering58.9166679382164.0000000000
Khalmyer BayAsiaKara Sea71.283332824777.7833328247
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